When emotions are triggered chemically, many things can happen. Such as, the chemical serotonin keeps almost everything balanced and when you don't have enough, it can lead to suicide. Dopamine triggers your adrenaline hormone, and norepinephrine makes you feel simple emotions. Emotional eating can affect your body in many ways, positive and negative. Fight or flight response is actually a series of chemical reactions.
Chemical Emotions

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    Hopefully after going through our website you have learned about emotions, chemically and phsyically. No its time for you to take the knowlege that you have learned from this website and apply it to your life. If you know anyone that may have a disease (dealing with emotions) talk to them and get help from a doctor. We would also like you to go to the page "Your Thoughts" and tell us what you think about emotions and anything to do with emotions. We will be happy to anwser any questions about emotions just post it on the page "Your Thoughts".
Chemical emotions tells you about how emotions are connected to chemistry, and many other topics, like how they affect our daily lives.