When emotions are triggered chemically, many things can happen. Such as, the chemical serotonin keeps almost everything balanced and when you don't have enough, it can lead to suicide. Dopamine triggers your adrenaline hormone, and norepinephrine makes you feel simple emotions. Emotional eating can affect your body in many ways, positive and negative. Fight or flight response is actually a series of chemical reactions.
Chemical Emotions

Sleep and emotions

    You may be wondering. How does sleep have anything to do with emotions.  When there is a "lack of" sleep it makes  our emotions go crazy! With very little sleep, many people simply can't handle their emotions as well as they can when they are fully rested. To learn more about sleep go check out-

Hygiene and emotions

    When you keep your body clean, your in a better mood. It is important to take care of your body to have good emotional health. To learn how to keep good hygiene, go to this awesome website-

Growth and emotions

    When you are growing, things in your body are changing. This could effect your emotions greatly. To learn more about growth, go to-

Exercise and emotions

    Exercise is very important to not only your physical health and energy, it is also important to your emotional energy and health. For more information on exercise, go to-

eating and emotions

    You need to eat to be in a good mood and keep your energy up. when you are hungry... you are grumpy. to check out more on eating, go to-
Chemical emotions tells you about how emotions are connected to chemistry, and many other topics, like how they affect our daily lives.