When emotions are triggered chemically, many things can happen. Such as, the chemical serotonin keeps almost everything balanced and when you don't have enough, it can lead to suicide. Dopamine triggers your adrenaline hormone, and norepinephrine makes you feel simple emotions. Emotional eating can affect your body in many ways, positive and negative. Fight or flight response is actually a series of chemical reactions.
Chemical Emotions

Common Emotional Disorders

- Anxiety disorder
obsessive compulsive, panic attacks, panic disorders, adult panic anxiety syndrome, post traumatic stress disorders.
- Depressive disorder
a mental disorder characterized by an all-encompassing low mood accompanied by low self-esteem
- Behavioral disorder
aggressive or disruptive behaviors
- Personality disorder
acure with sever disturbances with in an individual's behavorial life

Rare EmotionaDisorders

- Adult ADHD
Often remains undiagnosed through to adulthood.
- Alzhiemer disease
A brain disease that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior.
- Migranes
severe headaches and nausea
- Concentration disorders
also know as learning disorders
- Strokes
acures when the artery's are blocked and oxygen is not able to flow properly through the body
- Bipolar disorders
the change between moods, also risking the though of suicide
- Epilepsy
a brain disorder involving repeated, spontaneous seizures of any type

Emotions throughout history

    PTSD is Posttramatic stress disorder that affects anixety in emotions. This disorder acures when a person is exposed to a tramatic event by being injured or near death in a war or shooting. Also, PTSD can occur when a person watches a live death of a friend or a bystander being killed. PTSD has been recognized with in the 18th century throughout many devastating wars throughout the world. 
Chemical emotions tells you about how emotions are connected to chemistry, and many other topics, like how they affect our daily lives.