When emotions are triggered chemically, many things can happen. Such as, the chemical serotonin keeps almost everything balanced and when you don't have enough, it can lead to suicide. Dopamine triggers your adrenaline hormone, and norepinephrine makes you feel simple emotions. Emotional eating can affect your body in many ways, positive and negative. Fight or flight response is actually a series of chemical reactions.
Chemical Emotions

Chemicals Causing Emotions 


    A stress hormone that releases glucose from energy. This increases the flow of blood, and increases blood glucose. Produced by adrenal Glands that are resleased when angry. Found mostly in the brain. Norepinephrine is neutral. 


    Associated with euphonia, desire and motivation. Increases heart pressure. You can find dopamine in a variety of animals (vertebrate and invertebrates) Used to cure parkinson's diseases because it can cross into the blood - brain barrier. Dopamine is acidic.


    Found in tissue of blood and taken up by blood platelets. Creates most moods. Low levels affect moods and ability to cope with strong emotions such as; aggression, impulsive behavior, and suicide. Serotonin is acidic.
Chemical emotions tells you about how emotions are connected to chemistry, and many other topics, like how they affect our daily lives.