When emotions are triggered chemically, many things can happen. Such as, the chemical serotonin keeps almost everything balanced and when you don't have enough, it can lead to suicide. Dopamine triggers your adrenaline hormone, and norepinephrine makes you feel simple emotions. Emotional eating can affect your body in many ways, positive and negative. Fight or flight response is actually a series of chemical reactions.
Chemical Emotions
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4/7/2011 03:31:16 am

Good website, but shorten up the facts, because people will get bored reading all of the information. But nice pictures on the top. :)

Eating group
4/8/2011 09:01:42 am

Good website but dont put so much topics in the more collomn

josilyn jon jacques
4/12/2011 06:46:17 am

we could not find american history): i love history... i was bumbed.. and i could not find acids and bases... but other than that i loved the site! we loved the vid too!

Denisse N. & Emily L.
4/14/2011 01:59:22 am

great website but we could not find history or global perspectives.

Sequoia, Marissa, and Kristen
4/14/2011 03:27:13 am

i liked the pictures and all the emotions. good job with the cool facts. Awesome job :)

jessika, casey, carlie
4/14/2011 03:50:34 am

AMAZING website! very interesting but did not have history or CHNOPS :(. written very well!

olivia gripshover
4/14/2011 04:07:07 am

This website is really good!! You guys did a good job on showing many different fact about emotions!!(:


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